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  • Founded in 2015, Kauze has always focused on fashion, retail and lifestyle brands, delivering over the years digital and physical tools for the clients to build, freshen-up or strengthen their identity and to reach their communication goals.


Magliano — Website and Video


WEB / 2018
Website Design and Video for Magliano

            Magliano, fashion brand established in 2016 by Italian designer Luca Magliano. Messing up with the wardrobe fundamentals. Emotional anthropology along with a chirurgical cut and sew process. As for Frankenstein, universes are allergic, yet generate the magic in realism. Quintessentially Italian. Website designed by Kauze, coded by Nicc, check it out here.

For Magliano FW19/SS20/FW20 shows we produced a serie of backstage mini videos, by our partner Rozen Twins.